Week 1

You know what sucks about resolutions? Following through on them. I mean, really? A week? Since when did days in a week start going by so rapidly? Out of 21 meals in a row making one new one -from a recipe- shouldn’t be that hard. But you know what? Time goes by fast.

I did make something this past week that was brand new to me. The embarrassing thing is that I did it in such a crazy hunger that my camera didn’t come anywhere near capturing proof. That’s ok though, because I know that I’ll be making these again. They’re that good. The other embarrassing thing is that I made them five days ago. Five! I’m not that busy or important, trust me.

This recipe is one that I found a few months ago when I was still super nauseous and couldn’t spend any time in the kitchen without feeling sick. These cream biscuits caught my eye and Tuesday evening I was lucky enough to have leftover heavy cream in the fridge and a huge craving for biscuits. They’re amazing. They’re light and fluffy but hardy enough to stand up to butter and jelly slathered on in a moment of ecstasy.

My husband is from about as far north as you can go without being Canadian. He indulges my obsession with biscuits but I’m not sure that he’s ever understood it. But these? These light pillows with a quick bite from the cream and a perfectly browned top? He ate one and a half. And for someone who probably never ate more than one biscuit a year before he married me, well, that’s pretty telling.


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