Who needs gluten anyway?

Not me, I guess. I’ve been gone – again – but I finally feel like I have my feet back underneath me enough to make rational posts. My confession: I have psoriasis and although I’ve known about it for about 15 years I’ve been able to hide it from everyone and pretend that it’s not so bad when really? It is. It hurts and it’s embarrassing and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I said I could hide it and I did for a long time until this past year when I had our daughter. She’s wonderful and perfect and made my hormones go crazy! I’m not sure what exactly happened in my body but I do know that my psoriasis went nuts and spread all over my body. There was no more hiding it and dealing with it in quiet, but the drugs that seem to be the most common fix weren’t something that I wanted to put in my body. So I did my research and found out some information about John O. Pagano. He wrote a book called Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative. I picked a copy up at the library and read it front to back about three times before I thought that I could muster up the gumption to follow what it suggested. No liquor, coffee, soda, red meat, nightshade vegetables, refined sugar, fried foods, and – if it works – gluten. The day after Thanksgiving I went cold turkey off of these delicious foods. Aside from dropping 20 pounds I noticed a change in my skin after a few weeks. The psoriasis patches grew smaller, less red, and less painful. After a few months it completely disappeared from my body except for on my scalp, which is where it started so many years ago.

So I pushed my luck. I’ve tried twice since Thanksgiving to put gluten back in my diet and both times have had psoriasis lesions appear on my arms, legs, chest, and stomach within 36 hours. I ate a lot of salads and fresh fruit. My skin was clear, my hair was shiny, and I’ve never felt healthier. Granted, all the flours, starches, gums, and weird sounding gluten-free baking additives scared me so I didn’t attempt to make anything from scratch for a long time. I missed the kitchen! I love to cook and bake and both my husband and I were very sad that I wasn’t. And let me tell you – gluten free bread from the store is a joke. It’s dry and tasteless and rather depressing.

So, after so long, I’m back in the kitchen. I made some rather delicious gluten free chocolate chip banana bread this week and today made some pie crusts for a dessert for Father’s Day tomorrow. I do indulge in the occasional cup of coffee and Cuba Libre, but for the most part I’m good. I can tell immediately when I’ve been cheating because my scalp itches like crazy and drives me nuts.

I hope that you’ll like my new recipes. This has been a hard switch for me but it has brought us the most amazing pizza crust we’ve ever had. We’ve also become expert veggie grillers and I’ve embraced drinking more water than I every thought possible. There have been some yummy things going on here and you’ve been in the dark, but don’t worry. I’ll share, I promise.


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